Fara Shimi Rooz Co.'s Laboratory
Fara Shimi Rooz's Laboratory has equipped with Latest Technology of Koehler Equipments . Mentioned laboratory has ability to do the following tests for determine quality of bitumen in different categories. Such as 40-50,60-70 and 85-100.


* PENETROMETER= Determination of penetration of bituminous materials .ASTM D5
* Device Softening point =method for softening point of bitumen (Ring and Ball Apparatus) .ASTM D36
* Determination of density of bituminous materials (specific Gravity) .ASTM D70
* Device CLEVELAND OPEN CUP = Determination of flash point and fire point of bituminous materials.
* Determination of solubility of asphalt materials .ASTM D2042
* Ductility of bituminous materials .ASTM D113
* TFTO (Thin film oven) = Determination effects of heat and air on asphaltic materials (loss on heating) .ASTM D6
* Drop in Penetration after heating.ASTMD6/D5
* Determination Ductility of bitumen after heating. ASTM D113


We have capability to do all kind of test according to customer's offer.


FSR is honor to produce the Bitumen with different specification as per the customer demand.